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Here are what some of our clients have to say about our services. Some of these are lifted from our website page at bahay.ph


I did want to take a moment and thank you very much for helping both rent out my unit and later sell my unit.  I especially appreciate the time you spent with me on the phone and in person to discuss all my options and for drawing up all the necessary paperwork that was needed to sell my unit. I felt you did an excellent job and would give you a 10 out of 10 in professionalism and for your efforts. 


... I believe you would help future clients as you did me with a "sold condo or home" result.

-- Michael Curcio -- e-mail December 31, 2012

I am writing to extend my heartfelt thanks and appreciation for the help and assistance you provided during my stay in the Philippines. Thank you very much.

 -- E. Meneses, e-mailed on October 15, 2012

"... I met a Filipina resident of Australia . She asked if I knew a broker she could trust. The unit she wants leased out is fully furnished on _____. Of course, I readily told her about you - most reliable & trustworthy. My husband whom she met later added that your dedication & professionalism, without doubt, has made us happy all these years (that you searched for our tenants).


You're insightful as to be able to transform usual transactional moments into moments where sensitivity ("delicadeza") rules for both unit owner & tenant. You're definitely one refined human being - not just an ordinary broker out to make a living...."


-- Ms. Fe as e-mailed dated Aug. 22, 2012

I am happy we are all working together.  I only want to deal with you. After this is all done please lets go to dinner and break bread..
 - Michael Curcio, e-mail June 14, 2012

... Of course, for our real estate needs, you are our first and preferred port of call. As we've mentioned it to you before, we like your professionalism, your honesty and forthrightness...

-- Andy Custodio

What distinguishes Vinia from many realty brokers is PASSION. This is what makes her uniquely responsive & responsible. Unlike other brokers who take an eternity to respond, Vinia is quick to answer a call or e-mail. She walks her talk as a professional. She gives attention & respect while threshing out differences. Shes an eager learner. She is patient & persevering. Sacrifice  she doesnt dramatize or agonize the day after. She understands that Time is of the essence & that every client has needs she must meet within special cultural frames & even out-of-the-book circumstances. Unlike other licensed brokers, she has an eye for detail those little things which count to assure client that he gets a fair deal, is taken cared of, sometimes, beyond call of duty. With easy charm, she links owners who want to sell or lease & clients who want to own or rent.  Like a bridge over troubled waters.... which brings to mind the fact that Vinias training as a professional singer maybe one reason she is mindful of harmony, continuity, rhythm, rapport as these can also be translated into brokering. Its Passion uninterrupted  reason why she delivers to our smiley-satisfaction.


-- Fe Caridad G. Custodio, bahay.ph


Vinia is an outstanding real estate broker. She is very knowledgeable of the market and will do whatever it takes to provide excellent service to her clients. Vinia is very competent, provides timely advise and is able to anticipate potential problems to ensure that transactions run smoothly. Doing business in Manila is hard enough and it becomes doubly difficult if you are in the USA but Vinia facilitated the entire transaction and ensured that our best interest is represented. We are highly recommending her to anyone - whether based in the Philippines or abroad - who wishes to buy or sell real estate in Manila. You can be assured that she will give you 101% of her time and resources to meet your expectation. We are thankful that she is our realtor and would definitely call on her again for any real estate needs we may have in the future. More power to you, Vinia, and keep up the good work!
--Greg & Imee Pangilinan,  bahay.ph
As a very difficult fussy client, I have found Vinia to have all amazing qualities: patience, very helpful, always meet her clients targets and deadline on time, very reliable, trustworthy and friendly broker. She has a business professional a TIER approach. I would highly recommend her to anyone who is looking for the BEST SERVICE PROPERTY AGENT in Philippines.
-- Leo McNamee,  bahay.ph 
Vinia, It was a pleasure dealing with you in my purchase of a unit in CTUB. As a Realtor in Toronto, Canada, I would like to recommend you to other potential clients. Your professionalism, efficiency and communication was at a standard many Realtors speak of, but only a few attain!! I look forward to dealing with you again!
-- Jack Turner,  bahay.ph 
Vinia, you got the smartest moves lady! With your accomodating,patient and excellent service (like what most people say) a definite successful career is ahead of you! Thanks for helping me finalize a wise decision. More Power!!!!
-- Lea Isip,  bahay.ph
As a foreigner (British) buying property in Manila is like walking through a minefield. Vinia, with her excellent service and timely action, has cleared that minefield. Thanks Vinia
-- Richard Beazley,  bahay.ph
Vinia opened a wonderful opportunity for us to venture into to the home rental business. We owe her a lot...she gave us our "buena mano" tenant. It's been great dealing with this very patient, accommodating, passionate lady! Looking forward to many more business ventures with you. Congratulations dear. Keep up the good work!
-- Mitch de Guia,  bahay.ph
Vinia is the one of the most accommodating, helpful and patient realtors I have come across with. She promptly and thoroughly gives me the answers to my questions. From easy questions (such as where is Club Embassy) to complicated ones (what would be the rental rates like at the Fort in 2012), she would without hesitation jump at the opportunity to help. For hours, we chatted to help me with my questions. And this was a Saturday. And all she would say when you thank her -- 'thanks, but that's just my job'. I wish all the other realtors will be as dedicated and helpful as you are. Thanks again Vinia. I know you will have a wonderful career ahead of you. All the best!!
--  Hazel Lim,  bahay.ph 

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